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Commercial Funding International, LLC (CFI) is a boutique commercial mortgage brokerage and consulting firm. CFI offers you a wide range of commercial financing solutions for the USA and global marketplace (USA-friendly countries); thereby, we can add value to your real estate development, acquisition, refinance, alternative energy, business financing, and asset-based project, etc.

Our specialty is working on transactions that may require creative structuring, that is "outside the box" funding assistance in the form of commercial business financing, senior debt financing, mezzanine financing, participating debt, subordinated debt, equity capital, joint ventures, asset-based loan, high leverage financing, or hard money.

In an uncertain and challenging business environment, financing from traditional sources can be denied to worthy Clients with viable projects. Hence, private financing can provide a serious alternative to traditional commercial lending.

In addition to institutional sources, we have access to a large number of private money sources through our network of Lender/Investor underwriting groups. They underwrite debt service and real estate joint ventures, most often utilizing their in house asset base and contracted investors. Our network is a potential and resourceful source of creative financing, fast funding and high-level advisories.

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Also, CFI is direct to a private placement consulting and syndication firm. They have over 115 entities in the syndicate (50%-USA, 50%-International) and the members are made up of a combination of pension funds, private banks, family trusts, high net worth individuals, hedge funds and opportunity funds. Our sources can offer solutions that are not available in the traditional lending markets.

Another one of our sources represents hundreds of non-traditional, non-bank Private Lenders and they specialize in arranging alternative financing for more challenging commercial transactions throughout the USA and worldwide. They arrange financing for companies that are unable to secure financing through traditional sources, particularly if funding needs are immediate.

Traditional banks receive their funds from depositors like you and me and therefore have a mandate not to take undue risks with those monies they lend out. Our source represents Private Lenders who obtain their funds, not from deposits, but rather from the sale of notes and bonds on Wall Street and through private investors. Therefore, they are able to take on more risk and provide financing for tougher transactions that do not qualify for bank financing.


  • Alternative Energy development projects
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Commercial
  • Condominiums
  • Construction/Developments
  • Raw Land
  • Acquisition and Development
  • Medical Buildings
  • Multi-family
  • Mixed-Use
  • Retail Centers
  • Hospitality
  • Golf Courses

LOAN SIZE: $1M to $500M+; LOAN TERMS: Up to 3 years; INTEREST: 8 - 20%; LOAN TO VALUE: Up to 75% and higher in some instances; UNDERWRITING CRITERIA: the normal requirements from a collateral Lender; CREDIT: Single asset, bankruptcy remote entity; PREPAYMENT PENALTIES: typically none after 6 months of timely payments; DUE DILIGENCE FEE: it varies but our Lender or Lender/Investor underwriting group will outline it in a formal Letter of Interest; POINTS: 4 – 10; CLOSING: can range from 10 - 90 days or more; INTEREST RESERVE: Required

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Speed, timing and access to funds are important elements in the success of a commercial project. Realizing this, CFI will use its experience and relationships in the attempt to help secure your funding.


IMPORTANT: If you are serious about securing funding, please email us a 1 to 5 page Executive Overview or feel free to call us first.

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